I’m young. Do I really need life insurance?

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We often get asked, “I’m young, do I really need Life Insurance?” The answer is yes. When your young, it seems like no one is depending on you financially but even at a young age, Life Insurance is important. Life Insurance isn’t just about protecting”stuff.” Everyone equates insurance with possessions but a life insurance policy can help protect your loved ones from unexpected expenses like college loans parents may have co-signed for. In many cases, co-signers can be held responsible for your debt if something happens to you.

When you rent a car:

  1. Take pictures of every dent or scratch on the body, interior, wheels, glass – even underneath the vehicle (front and rear) before you drive away. If the company sends you a claim, you can tell them you have pictures of all those damages before you drove away. It’s likely the car will already have some damage unless it is brand new.
  2. Ask an employee to document all scratches and dents before you drive the car.
  3. Some companies require you to document any damages on a special form. If this is the case, make a note of all damages and return the form to the counter before you leave.

If you drive off the lot without documenting the vehicle and receive a damage claim from a rental car company:

  1. Ask for time-stamped photos that were taken immediately before you drove the car off the lot. Otherwise, how do you know that a previous renter or one of their own employees didn’t damage the car before you got it?
  2. Ask for time-stamped photos that were taken immediately after you returned the car. You’ll want to make sure that someone else didn’t damage the car after you returned it.
  3. Ask them for a record of all rentals for that car between the time you returned it and the date of their damage claim letter. If they waited, say, 60 days to send you a damage claim, they’ve already rented it many times since you drove it, and they’ll have to prove that you actually caused the damage.
  4. If the company’s representatives are completely uncooperative, report the firm to legal authorities in the state where you rented the car.

You can save yourself time, money and frustration by taking some precautionary steps.

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